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a 14Km.

Alto Valle del Cidacos - Arnedillo

The High Valley Cidacos is in the town of Arnedillo, its finest expression. In this beautiful place we can enjoy breathtaking landscapes and world famous hot springs. The history, with its castle and monuments and ...
a 15Km.


Situado en la comarca de la Rioja Baja. Está bañada por el río Cidacos (afluente del Ebro). La economía depende fundamentalmente de la industria del calzado. Su nombre proviene posiblemente del latín Arenetum, colectivo de arena.
a 20Km.

Gargantas del Río Leza

Between the towns of Soto in Cameros and Leza of the Leza River, the river that gives its name to the last one, it runs through a deep and spectacular canyon: The Leza Gorge. Along the route of 8 kilometers we can observe an interesting colony of...
a 20Km.

Catedral de Calahorra

Calahorra, the old Calagurris, was one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire in Spain.
The cathedral is located on the banks of river Cidacos, guarded by the Episcopal Palace and the Walk of balls. It is a twelfth-century Romanesque building.
a 21Km.

Los Picuezos - Autol

We cannot mention Autol, without reference to the natural monument that signifies the true symbol of the city -The Picuezos- o Picueza and Picuezo as they are also known. The wind, water and erosion, in a work of centuries,..
a 22Km.

Ruta de las Icnitas

In the municipality term of Enciso there are cataloged 1,400 dinosaur footprints. It is the starting point for visiting the footprints, from the Paleontological Center. In the track from Enciso to Navalsaz there are total of 7 sites that linked…
a 24Km.

Yacimiento de Navalsaz

Contiene 138 huellas, la mayoría ornitópodas. Aquí se encuentra uno de los rastros de Iguanodon más grandes de La Rioja.
a 25Km.

Concatedral de Santa María de la Redonda

Logroño is a charming town, among the many surprises that gives us standing out the Co-Cathedral of the Round (Concatedral de la Redona), its twins towers stand out over the city. The interior of this temple houses numerous works of art, among which it is
a 31Km.

Castillo de Cornago

Once you arrive at Cornago the beauty of the assembly formed by the castle and the parish church surprise, but once in the village the reconstruction of homes and how is urbanized the interesting town is worth seeing.
a 32Km.

Ruta de las Icnitas

Stepping through the same places that the dinosaurs did hundreds of millions of years ago, is possible in the Highlands of Soria. There is a Paleontological Room in Villar del Río and huge sculptures of various dinosaurs in various localities.
a 39Km.

Poblado de La Hoya

Bastan las ruinas de un pueblo para conocer los entresijos de una sociedad perdida en el tiempo. Hay un museo con fotografías, dibujos, textos y una reproducción del poblado durante la II Edad del Hierro
a 39Km.

Claustro de Estella-Lizarra

El claustro románico es uno de los enclaves más visitados de Estella-Lizarra, templo con una portada también románica con lóbulos. Otros templos románicos son las iglesias del Santo Sepulcro y San Miguel. Ciudad clave del Camino de Santiago.
a 44Km.

Ciudad Celtibera Contrebia Leucade

This is the name given to a city of Celtiberian origin whose history dates back to the first Iron Age. Its ruins have been preserved to the present day in relatively good condition. Its geographical location is in the southeast of La Rioja, Spain.
a 45Km.

Cuevas de Ortigosa

They are the only conditioned caves for sightseeing throughout La Rioja. But its visit is obligated not only for the caves, but by the village, where we can see the typical structure of the villages of the Sierra de Cameros that will surprise us.
a 45Km.

Contrebia Leukade

Contrebia Leukade is the oldest city in La Rioja, because it was founded in the third century BC. It is located Inestrillas between Cervera and Aguilar. It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in La Rioja, had a ...
a 45Km.

Cerco de Artajona

Es el conjunto amurallado medieval más importante de la Zona Media de Navarra, construido en el siglo XI de los que conserva 9 de sus 14 torreones almenados con su camino de ronda.
a 46Km.

Acebal de Garagueta

One of the greatest pure holly trees of Spain between Torrearévalo and Arévalo de la Sierra, locality of this last one with its House of the Holly. ZEPA and LIC area, as well as a Nature Reserve. The last section is on rural road. The holly tree is protec
a 47Km.

Centro de Interpretación Sierra Cebollera

Situado en Villoslada de Cameros, este magnífico centro ofrece una exposición permanente sobre las características del Parque Natural a través de paneles, maquetas y elementos interactivos.
a 48Km.

Conjunto medieval de Olite

Walking through Olite is getting into a fascinating medieval urban plot in which stands the palatial Gothic castle with its thick walls and crenellated towers. Stone houses with their blazons and the good wine wait for the visitors as well.
a 49Km.

Puente la Reina

Puente la Reina-Gares es un enclave muy importante en el Camino de Santiago. La peregrinación jacobea se plasma especialmente en su Calle mayor y en el extraordinario puente medieval, del siglo XI, con sus 110 metros de largo.
a 52Km.

Santa María de Eunate

Enclave of first order in the "Camino de Santiago" (Santiago´s Trip) Navarro, close to Puente la Reina. Art, religion, history and magic are concentrated in its octagonal church and cloister. Unforgettable for those who visit it.
a 52Km.

Nacedero del río Urederra

The spring where the river Urederra is born is of hidden dream on the feet of the walls of the limestone walls of Urbasa, the symbol of the forest from Navarre. It is a truly wonder, and also is a Natural Reserve with waterfalls.
a 52Km.

Museo de la Cultura del Vino

The Museum offers a walk through the history and culture of wine through five exhibition rooms distributed by its subject, a hall for temporary exhibitions, the Documentation Centre of the Foundation, and the collection of wines in the world.
a 53Km.

Monasterio Santa María de San Salvador

The monastery has a large courtyard. The Carmelite nuns who live here prepare exquisite sweets and confectionery monastic bakery. The Monastery of the Gothic style, is notable for presenting a header of three apses header with large ...
a 54Km.

Senda Viva

Located next to the Bardenas of Navarra is a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, you can enjoy a fun day with rides, a sensational spectacle of raptors and surprise activities that wait for you around the park.
a 54Km.


Allá donde los caminos se cruzan, surgen focos de poder, fuertes amurallados y edificios señoriales. Hace tiempo que la vetusta Peñacerrada-Urizaharra, entre Álava y La Rioja, cumplió todos los requisitos.
a 55Km.

Monasterios de Yuso y de Suso

The Yuso and Suso Monasteries are a World Heritage Site since 1997 and is commonly accepted that the Monastery of Suso is the birthplace of the Castilian language, because here Berceo Gonzalo wrote the first cult poetry in Castilian.
a 56Km.

Monasterio de la Virgen de Valvanera

Is one of the valleys, secluded and lush, in the foothills of the Mountain Chain Demanda, not far from the peak of San Lorenzo, the former monastery of Valvanera, place of devotion, pilgrimage and witness Rioja eleven centuries of history rises.
a 59Km.

Dolmenes en Cuadrilla Salvatierra

Los dólmenes de La Llanada alavesa oriental, es decir de la Cuadrilla de Salvatierra, son dos de los más fotogénicos de Euskadi, además se encuentran perfectamente señalizados e indicados con letreros.
a 60Km.

Pinturas Góticas de Gazeo

No hubo que mover losas ni descifrar códigos secretos para descubrir las valiosas pinturas de esta iglesia de San Martín de Tours en la localidad de Gazeo. Siete siglos después de su creación, siguen desprendiendo luz.
a 61Km.

Parque Natural Bardenas Reales

After its naked and inhospitable appearance, the Royal Bardenas keep big natural and scenic values that each year attracts to thousands of people and its territory has been declared Reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO.
a 62Km.


Numancia resisted the Roman Empire in various Celt Iberian-Roman wars until they were burnt by Cornelius Scipio in 133 BC. Both houses have been rebuilt and there is a route to walk the streets and see the foundations. It is in Garray.
a 62Km.


In the surroundings of Moncayo, the Historic-Artistic Site of Tarazona stands out with its Paco Martínez Soria Film Route, its Gothic-Mudejar-Renaissance cathedral, its wines, its narrow streets, its Renaissance town hall and so many other surprises.
a 63Km.

Catedral de Santo Domingo de la Calzada

The villa of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, is the largest walled enclosure that is preserved in La Rioja.
In 1973 its old town was declared a Historical-Artistic Set, being one of the main points of the Camino de Santiago (Santiago’s Path)
a 63Km.

Conjunto rupestre Gobas de Laño

Visigoths hermits dug their homes and three churches in the white limestone and it is among a forest of oaks near Villanueva de Soportillo.
a 65Km.

Laguna Negra

The place belongs to the Natural Park Mountain Chain la Laguna Negra and Glacial Circus of the Urbión, sung by Antonio Machado. Focus of legends and in an idyllic setting of beech, Scots pine and rocks. It is also ZEPA and LIC. Nature everywhere.
a 67Km.

San Juan de Duero

The cloister is outdoors, roofless. It belonged to a monastery and hospital from San Juan whose church is next door in which two temples of oriental flavor. The intersecting arches are of Moorish influence, unique in Spain.
a 67Km.

Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor

Ezcaray is a beautiful town that retains much of its old town and ancient network of streets, palaces and emblazoned houses, standing out above all the buildings, due to its large size, the fortified church of Santa Maria
a 67Km.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo

Its Romanesque facade, similar to the Notre Dame´s of Poitiers, is superb with archivolts of images from the New Testament, including the Apoccalypse, and a good figurative eardrum-tetramorfos- Pantocrator. And his rosette has a bestiary in the border.
a 68Km.

Museo Numantino

Summary of all paleontological and archaeological history of the province, it is located in front of the Dehesa Park and public parking. The Celtiberian remains stand out above everything, especially mythological ceramics from Numancia.
a 68Km.

Ermita de San Saturio

Between San Polo and San Saturio, along the Douro, the most Machadian (from Machado) poetic itinerary of Soria is over here. The chapel, Baroque, fascinates for rising above a cave and hang in the stony hillside of Santa Ana.
a 70Km.


Pamplona invites you to enjoy leisurely its parks and wander through its old town, it invites to taste its cuisine and its popular snacks, watered with a good wine, enjoy the unique festivals of Spain, the San Fermin
a 70Km.

Playa Pita (Embalse de La Cuerda del Pozo)

Este hermoso paisaje rodeado de montañas, pinares y pueblos pintorescos, es uno de los lugares que no debes perderte en tu visita a Soria. Desde practicar deportes acuáticos, hasta disfrutar de una jornada de playa, aquí todo es posible.
a 70Km.

Santuario San Miguel de Aralar

It is one of the most famous spiritual centers of Navarre. It is a Romanesque temple with three naves and three apses located at the top of the mountain chain of Aralar, from where a spectacular view can be seen. If the sanctuary is ...
a 71Km.


Among Dueruelo de la Sierra and the Peacks of Urbión where the Duero is born, there is the rocky landscape of Castroviejo, the Enchanted City of Soria which reminds the city of Cuenca. The pine views from the lookout are outstanding. There are picnic tabl
a 73Km.

Santuario de Arantzazu

El arte vasco de vanguardia, el hecho religioso y un entorno natural sobrecogedor se dan la mano en el santuario de Arantzazu. Situado en Oñate, donde se venera a la Virgen de Aránzazu, patrona de esta provincia.
a 74Km.

Granja Escuela Xuberoa

A 10 minutos de Pamplona, un espacio diferente de educación ambiental en el que podréis vivir una experiencia única.
Descubriréis nuestra granja a través de nuestras visitas guiadas, os divertiréis con nuestros talleres y conoceréis nuestro entorno.
a 74Km.

Monasterio de Veruela

The first Cistercian monastery in Aragon and protected by the massif of Moncayo. Stonemasons, carpenters, blacksmiths, local and foreign glassmakers came to Veruela to build this marvel in which Bécquer wrote "Cartas desde mi celda"
a 75Km.

Pico Txindoki

Visible desde muchos los puntos del País Vasco, es el referente de la sierra de Aralar. Su alfilado pico de caliza y su arista, emblemática resulta para los alpinistas y amantes de la escalada.
a 75Km.

Jardín Botánico de Santa Catalina

El Jardín Botánico de Santa Catalina es un paraíso natural de impresionante belleza ubicado sobre las ruinas de un convento del mismo nombre en el pueblo de Trespuentes, en Iruña de Oca, con más de 1200 especies botánicas del mundo.
a 77Km.

Lagunas de Neila

Impressive set of glacial lakes in an environment that will surprise you and they have been recognized, with their immediate environment, such as Natural Park.
a 79Km.


In addition to its excellent wines, there is a long list of monuments worth visiting. In Borja, a Historic-Artistic Site, you should take a quiet stroll through the town centre to enjoy its mansions, convents, palaces and churches.
a 79Km.

Universidad de Oñati

El equilibrio y la limpieza de formas caracteriza la Universidad de Oñati, paradigma de la arquitectura renacentista en el País Vasco. Además en Oñati todos los estilos arquitectónicos están presentes para disfrute estético del viajero.
a 81Km.

Foz de Lumbier

It is a deep and narrow gorge around the river Irati of a length of just over a kilometer and a maximum altitude of 120 m. Ideal Natural Reserve to a stunning landscape, to see a variety of vegetation and vultures.
a 81Km.

Robledal de Orgi

Ancient forest, the only witness of secular oak wet Navarre with great ecological interest. Natural Recreation Area with reception areas, rides and conservation. A unique landscape that always amazes visitors.
a 82Km.

Salinas de Añana y el Valle Salado

Solo fue necesario un manantial de agua salada para que el ingenio humano alumbrara un lugar singular como pocos. Nunca unas terrazas habían despertado tanta curiosidad.
a 83Km.

Sos del Rey Católico

Sos puede presumir de conservar uno de los mejores conjuntos medievales de Aragón. De hecho, está declarado Conjunto Histórico-Artístico. En lo más alto, se alza la torre del homenaje de su castillo del siglo XII.
a 84Km.

Peru-Harri. Parque de la Piedra

Stone museum made by Iñaki Perurene in the mountain, 2 km from Leitza firection to Uitzi. A unique museum where Iñaki and his son Inaxio tell myths, history and culture in stone, like a giant of 40 tons.
a 86Km.

Castillo de Javier

Its crenellated towers cut the sky strengthening its medieval charm. Cuna de San Francisco Javier, 8 km away from Sangüesa, to which people from Navarre go on a pilgrimage in the Javierada. Its architectural group, in part was rebuilt, it is awesome.
a 86Km.

Monumento Natural La Fuentona

At the end of the Gorge of Abión is it’s the birth of La Fuentona guarded by vultures and other raptors, surrounded by a pine and some juniper and oak. It is Natural Monument and you cannot have a bath in it. The best access is by Muriel de la Fuente.
a 87Km.


A Historical Artistic Group. Medieval town with its medieval flavor through its paving streets, typical houses, castle tower and city walls. So it has been stage in several films, excelling Chimes at Midnight of the great Orson Welles.
a 88Km.


Paraíso del románico en Aragón es Uncastillo, catalogado como Conjunto Histórico-Artístico. En la cima de la peña están los restos del castillo con un museo en la torre del homenaje. Alrededor del castillo está el pueblo con todo su sabor medieval.
a 89Km.

Aventura Sobrón

On board a canoe, suspended several feet high, with a compass ... There are so many ways to enjoy nature and have the fall colors. Banks of the reservoir of Sobrón can be checked both statements in the Adventure Park...
a 90Km.

Torre de los Varona

This is one of the best preserved castles in Euskadi and hides behind its walls, a bounty of Romanticism and history. For its appearance, it seems that the fourteenth century happened yesterday.
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